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Travel high seat review – Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

As we approach the holiday season, many of us will be facing days out visiting or staying with family. Suddenly finding yourself outside of your familiar baby raising environment can seem daunting and challenging. You can make travelling and staying away from home a little easier by having a few select items with you – today we will look at an essential travel companion, the collapsible travel high chair.

Travel high seat review

Having a travel high chair is brilliant. Once you are comfortable putting it up, you can arrive at a house and be ready to feed in a matter of minutes.

The Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat is a really handy product to have. It folds up small. It is stable and sturdy. It’s also easy to clean. There are three bright colours for your little one to choose from.

Aside from its main purpose away from home, we’ve also found many times when we’ve used it at home. It has been invaluable when little friends come round for dinner. And it’s a good option for eating out in the garden as it is a good height for picnics. We’ve had many lovely summer evenings sitting out in the garden with the little one in the travel high chair, eating snacks!

Travel high chair review

The travel high chair in all its glory

Attaching the travel high chair to a normal chair

Once unfolded, the high chair securely attaches to a normal adult chair, enabling the little one to sit round the table and eat with everyone else – this is a must for Christmas day! The chair also has a buckle for keeping the little one strapped in and safe.

Pro tip – put a towel over the chair before attaching the travel high chair to minimise stains and mess.

Travel high chair on a chair

You can attach the travel high chair to a normal chair for social eating

The tray is removable, so if you are sitting at a table the chair can be brought right in. It’s also much easier to clean when removed, and can be popped in the dishwasher if it gets really mucky!

Our verdict? It’s essential!

All in, staying away from home would be a much trickier affair without the travel high chair. If you are visiting family over the festive period, having one of these in the boot of the car would be a good idea.

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We hope you found our travel high chair review useful! Let us know what you find helpful when travelling in the comments.

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