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Carrying your baby – Little Life child backpack

Whilst a buggy or pram is the most sensible and practical solution for taking your baby out for a walk, once your baby get to around 6 months, you might want to start exploring places that a buggy can’t go. The Littlelife Discoverer S2 is a great alternative for carrying your baby.

We decided to get a backpack so that I (dad) could carry our baby on walks. We live close to a small woodland, and I was tired of cleaning the mud off the wheels, and being restricted from exploring some of the trails a little more off the beaten path.

The Little Life backpack is pretty good. It’s comfortable for me to wear for up to 2hrs at a time, and most importantly baby R enjoys being in it. He’s even had the odd nap in there, so it must be cosy!

Carrying your baby

With the backpack, your baby can see the world from your perspective – they can see what you can see, you can point things out to them and they can point things out for you! I find walks with the backpack are much more interactive and engaging than the buggy.

Getting in and out of the backpack

Loading your baby into the backpack can need a bit of planning, especially if you’ve got a wriggly one. I’m sure this is the case with most backpacks. The Little Life makes this easier by having a pop out stand which adds extra stability whilst the backpack is on the floor.

If at all possible, it’s much easier to load the baby into the backpack with two people. Once the baby is in, lifting the loaded backpack onto your back can also be a challenge – again, strongly recommend you have someone else help and support you whilst you do this. With the Little Life carrier, it’s a bit difficult to pop the stabiliser back in whilst the back pack is on (my arms can’t reach back around, but perhaps I’m less flexible than most!)

Walking with the backpack

Walking around is nice and comfortable. I’ve used it for both countryside and urban walks. When walking around town, it’s liberating. After months of pushing a buggy about, constantly looking for ramps and lifts, being able to go where ever (within reason) I’d like felt great. The only thing to watch out for is that you don’t bump your little ones head into anything! If you’re walking in woods, take care with branches and twigs at eye level, and remember that your little ones eye level may be different to yours. If you are out and about in sunny weather, you can also buy an additional sun shade – well worth the added protection it gives, and more likely to stay on than a hat!


All in, I love having the backpack. It folds up into a relatively small space (especially when compared to a buggy) so taking it away is easy enough. We recently took it on a woodland holiday, and had many lovely walks. Baby R saw his first deer – if he’d have been stuck in the buggy he would have missed it. If you are looking for a fun way to carry your baby, check it out!

The backpack

The backpack

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