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Choosing a baby buggy – Baby Jogger City Versa

When it comes to taking your baby out, a buggy is a must. Whilst carrying your baby in a sling or backpack is fun (see our review of the Little Life Discovery S2), when going out for longer trips a buggy is the answer. The Baby Jogger City Versa (Black) has proved to be a good choice offering a comfortable ride for the baby, and lots of handy storage space.

When our baby first arrived, we purchased a Silver Cross Surf buggy. This worked out well in the early days, as it came with a  carry cot which allowed the newborn to lie flat – similar to a Moses basket. However, that quickly became redundant – within a few months we were exclusively using the Silver Cross as a buggy.

We are both fairly tall, and after a while, the Silver Cross was too uncomfortable. It also had limited space for carrying bags underneath, which meant we often draped a bag over the back of the buggy. This was a little dangerous – don’t do this! It became quite unstable. All in all, we decided to trade it in for the Baby Jogger City Versa (Black).

What to look for when buying a buggy

We had a few must haves which I think are worth considering when buying a pram:

  • Parent facing when used as a buggy
  • Ability to lie flat (for sleeping)
  • Storage space under the buggy
  • Ability to quickly and easily fold (e.g. for getting on a bus, train or in the car)

When we first looked, we had two additional requirements, which ultimately lead us to select the Silver Cross.

Firstly, we thought the ability to attach our car seat to the buggy was a good idea. It was, sort of. But in reality, we just didn’t do it that often. The car seat is comfy, but not ideal for long trips. Thinking about a trip to the shops (say 20 mins each way) – the baby is in the car seat for 40 mins before you’ve even added the time of shopping.

Secondly, we thought the new born carry cot was a must have. Again, we found this less useful than we first imagined, and certainly useful only for a relatively short period.

Why we liked the Baby Jogger City Versa

The Baby Jogger City Versa ticked all our boxes when it came to a replacement for the Silver Cross. It is comfortable for both baby and parents, and the adjustable handle adapts well for me (6ft2″ tall).

The buggy can face in either direction – either facing the pusher, or looking out in the direction of travel. It is quite quick and simple to flip around.

Folding the buggy is easy too, and can be done in around 20 – 30 seconds by a single person. You don’t need to remove the seat part, which makes the entire process easier. When folded, it fits nicely in our small family car (VW Polo) with room on top for any shopping.

The buggy has good storage – a handy pouch on the back, brilliant for hats, gloves or sun cream (depending on season). Underneath there is room for one or two bags of groceries. We don’t need to hang bags on the back.

I’ve always found the buggy to be stable and easy to manoeuvre. The wheels can lock facing forwards, or swivel – we’ve never locked them forwards.

Sitting in the buggy

I personally have not sat in the buggy – my reviews must draw a line somewhere! However, evidence suggests that the harness is comfortable. The seat reclines in a number of positions. Our little one (now 18 months) will sleep in the buggy, and he is a very fussy sleeper. The foot rest is also adjustable, either allowing feet to dangle or be supported.

It’s also good whatever the weather – the rain shield keeps everything dry. And with a blanket or foot muff, it can be made very cosy on a cold day.

If you are planning to use from birth, you can buy an additional carry cot – Baby Jogger Versa Carrycot (Black). Additionally, a rain cover is an essential purchase.


2 comments for “Choosing a baby buggy – Baby Jogger City Versa

  1. December 2, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    I like the sound of being able to use the buggy forwards or backwards. Sounds a great find. Popping by from Tried & Tested

    • December 3, 2014 at 8:05 pm

      Yes, it is very helpful – you can face forwards to enjoy the views, but swap it round easily enough when it’s nap time. Also, I think it’s best for little ones (up to a year or so) to face the pusher so they know what’s going on!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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