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Have bath time fun with the Shnuggle baby bath review

The Shnuggle baby bath is a brilliantly designed addition to baby’s bath time fun! With our first baby, we had one of those everyday standard baby baths – it was fine, it performed its main function, but it was nothing special. Read our Shnuggle baby bath review to find out what we use now.   Shnuggle baby bath review With…

Too cool for nursery – rockabye baby rock lullabies

Finding a good soundtrack to bedtime has been instrumental (pun intended) in getting a good nights sleep for us all. But, even our favorite bedtime cd can be a bit dull after a year! So we love these rock lullabies by Rockabye Baby which give a nice calming twist to some of our favorite music! Here are just a few…

Mega Bloks Review – have fun building with your kids

Creative play is really a really important part of the day. Giving your child the opportunity to use their hands and brain to create something is so vital to their development. We have lots of fun time drawing and making a mess. But we have the most fun building towers, bridges – anything and everything with our Mega Bloks.

The secret to a tranquil nights sleep – Tranquil Turtle Review

Like many new parents, sleep (or lack of) quickly became an issue as we adapted to life with a little person. We tried all the things that blogs, health workers and friends suggested – have a routine, don’t have a routine, make sure he’s really tiered, make sure he’s not over tiered…Eventually, we found a way of surviving, and the…