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About Stuff Babies Need

Hi, and thanks for visiting Stuff Babies Need! We are two parents of an 18 month old who felt that we wanted to share our experiences having been through the early stages of parenthood. When getting ready for a baby, and once they are here, there is a lot of stuff to buy. We don’t think we always made the right decision, and so wanted to write up our thoughts so that others could make a more informed choice. We hope you find it useful.

Our reviews

On Stuff Babies Need, our reviews are based on our experience having raised a baby. We only review products we have personally used. We are not paid to review items (unless explicitly mentioned) and all opinions are our own.

Want us to review something?

If you are a parent and want us to review something, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll see if we can help. If you are a product provider, then please get in touch to discuss options using the form below.


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