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New baby checklist – free download!

We thought we’d come up with a short list of the essential items you’ll need for the first few weeks of your babies life. You can download an print the checklist using the link below. We’ve left space for you to add any other items you want to add.

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Its worth saying that in all honesty babies don’t need much stuff. If they can eat, sleep and be clean then that’s pretty much all they will care about. Don’t feel under pressure to buy anything and everything.

Also, be realistic about your ability to buy items once your baby is here. If you live close to shops or can get items delivered on-line, it’s a good idea to wait and see what you really need and buy it when you need it.

The baby checklist covers the essential items that you will need for your new baby:

  • Things for feeding your baby
  • Things to clean your baby
  • Things to help the baby sleep
  • Things for your baby to wear

Once you’ve printed the checklist, come back and see our reviews of the essential baby items that we have personally found to be invaluable in raising our little one.

If you can think of anything we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below or tweet us @StuffBabiesNeed.

Not sure what to expect?

If you want a thorough guide as you go through your pregnancy, why not check out the “Day-by-day Pregnancy Book” by Dr Maggie Blott.

We found the day by day pregnancy book to be really helpful with knowing what to expect throught our pregnancy. It has loads of great picutres, and it seemed pretty acurate with our experiences!



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