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My Birth Plan

Create your personalised birth plan

My Birth Plan allows you to quickly build a personalised birth plan describing your ideal birth. It’s really important to plan for your birth, to ensure that your are able to have as positive and rewarding experience as possible. If you’re having your first child, or simply haven’t thought about it much, creating a detailed birth plan can be a daunting experience.

That’s why we built this app!

Build your plan in under 10 minutes

Building a birth plan doesn’t need to take a long time. Using My Birth Plan, you can quickly and easily create a birth plan covering the main stages of labour, birth and the post birth experience.

Share your plan. Share your wishes.

We know that when you’re in labour, it’s hard to stay focused on what is happening around you. My Birth Plan allows you to share your plan with your birth partner or midwife ahead of the baby coming. You can email it to as many people as you want. Once they have a copy, make sure you find time to read it through with them so you are all up to speed with your most important wishes.

Have a clear plan of action

My Birth Plan allows you to record key people to contact along the way. You can specify who to call when labour starts and their phone number, ensuring that your birth partner has all the key information available without needing to panic!

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