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How we work with brands

First and foremost, we only review and write about products and services which we like, trust and genuinely feel represent good value. There are a number of ways in which we are open to working with brands:How we work with brands

Sample reviews

Send us a sample, and we will give an honest review. We make sure to cover the unique points of any product or service we review, and relate it to our real world experience of parenting. Where relevant, we will also request the views and opinions of our resident toddler – he often gives them where not relevant too!


If you would like to co-run a competition with us, then get in touch. We will happily promote your competition via our blog and social media profiles. These can be a great way of spreading awareness of your product or service, and gaining new followers.

Guest posts

If your site features a blog, we can write guest posts on a range of topics. Our writing team (family!) comprises of a stay at home mum with a background in education, mentoring and behavioral management; a dad who loves technology, computers, music and finance; and a toddler who can tell you the make and model of practically any car from 200m and a new baby.


Why work with

Our blog has a steady following and traffic is growing. Most of our views are from new parents in the UK, US or Europe. We have a great presence on social media, particularly twitter where we enjoy engaging and influencing discussions. We take our writing and reviews seriously, and would be honored to work with your brand.


If you would like to discuss any opportunities to work together, then feel free to get in touch using the form below.

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