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Fun games to play with toddlers – fruit frenzy review

Finding games to play with a toddler can be a bit tricky. If they’re too tricky, they lose interest quickly. Getting a good grounding in game playing will set them up for many years of fun and enjoyable games. We’ve spent a few days playing a new game from Orchard ToysFruit Frenzy. Read our Fruit Frenzy review to find out about this fun game for toddlers.

Fruit Frenzy Review

Fruit Frenzy is a fun game. The aim is to collect five matching cards. Each card has a funny illustration of a type of fruit – a pear, an apple, a strawberry, a raspberry, a pineapple, and orange or a banana. Each player spins the spinner which indicates what they must do with their turn – either picking up a card from the face-down pile, picking up from the face-up pile or, the crazy “Fruit Frenzy” where each player adds a new card to the face up pile and then grabs one!

fruit frenzy review

The game is fun, and teaches a few key gaming concepts – taking turns, collecting and so on. It’s also a good game to introduce strategy – the child has to choose which type of fruit to collect, and may change their mind as the game progresses based on what others are collecting or the content of the pile. Rather than a game of pure chance or memory, Fruit Frenzy does require thought and planning. As fruit is so prominent in the game, it’s easy to have conversations about fruit – and perhaps have some fruit as a reward for playing the game!

The game is good for family groups – ideally with 2 – 4 players It’s age rating suggests 4+, but we’ve been playing it with our three-and-a-bit year old.

Fruit Frenzy Review

As with all Orchard Toy games, the illustrations and fun and engaging, with lovely bright colours and each fruit sporting a cheeky face. All the pieces are made from thick, chunky card and so it seems as though the game will last for several years.

This game has become a favourite, almost challenging “Shopping List Game” as the all-time greatest pass time for our toddler. So, if our Fruit Frenzy review has convinced you to give it a go, let us know in the comments! You can buy Fruit Frenzy from or check your local toy shop.



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