Stuff Babies Need


Babies love to play and to learn – so let’s have some fun! We’ll look at toys, games and things you can make to keep your baby occupied.

Mega Bloks Review – have fun building with your kids

Creative play is really a really important part of the day. Giving your child the opportunity to use their hands and brain to create something is so vital to their development. We have lots of fun time drawing and making a mess. But we have the most fun building towers, bridges – anything and everything with our Mega Bloks.

Having Rhyme Time fun at home

We love Rhyme Time at our local library. I’m not sure how common Rhyme Time is, but I have seen libraries from all over the UK that host similar events. Its a good, free and fun activity that our little one enjoys, and is helping start an enjoyment of music and singing that I hope he carries with him for the rest…

Best 80s Christmas movies

As Christmas is upon us, it’s time to get ready for the festive fun. Once all the presents are unwrapped, mince pies eaten and toys discarded, it’s time to put on a Christmas film. As a new parent, I feel a certain responsibility for setting out traditions and family favourites for my new generation. As my only frame of reference,…

Fun ride on toys – riding the wild WheelyBug

Once your little one has mastered sitting, crawling and taking the first steps to walking, a whole new world of toys opens. Most people remember getting their first car as a pivotal step towards independence and adulthood – getting your baby their first ride on toy is a similar such liberating gesture. Plus, he doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve…

Fun games to play with bean bags

You can have a lot of fun playing with the simple but versatile bean bag. As a parent, it’s been many years since my last encounter with a bean bag – probably a school sports day. But, like all timeless classics, bean bags are still there and still as much fun for children today as they always have been. Here…

Have some fun with the Space Gym

Finding toys and games that your little one can actually engage with in the early days is hard. Whilst they will be bombarded with fluffy things and bright squeaky objects, there were only a few toys that really captivated our little ones attention. The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym was an instant hit.