Stuff Babies Need

At night

Your baby’s going to sleep (hopefully) – see the essentials you’ll need to make sure your little one has as peaceful a nights sleep as possible.

Top 10 baby monitors 2016

Check out our review of the top 10 baby monitors for you in 2016. All our price data is from #1. Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Monitor This Baby monitor made by Motorola and is a good buy. And, it’s on offer right now for ¬£80.00 less than it’s usual price! Sweet as a nut! Check out our full review…

ToddlerCalm bedtime music for babies

You might notice a number of our reviews are sleep related. Getting our little one to sleep has always been a bit of a struggle, but it’s one that we’ve worked through together, by setting a calm routine. A new essential for our routine is the The ToddlerCalm Toddler Relaxation Sleep CD – an hour of soothing, relaxing bedtime music…

The secret to a tranquil nights sleep – Tranquil Turtle Review

Like many new parents, sleep (or lack of) quickly became an issue as we adapted to life with a little person. We tried all the things that blogs, health workers and friends suggested – have a routine, don’t have a routine, make sure he’s really tiered, make sure he’s not over tiered…Eventually, we found a way of surviving, and the…

The best podcasts for new parents

When you have a new baby, chances are there will be some fairly long periods of time when you will be awake, feeding and looking for something to keep you awake! Podcasts provide a constant stream of interesting and free content to keep you occupied. Here’s our list of the best podcasts for new parents.

Motorola MBP28 review – video baby monitor

A baby monitor is really helpful in the early days, and we still rely on it after almost 18 months. In this review, we’ll look at the Motorola MBP28 2.4″ Digital Video Baby Monitor. Choosing a baby monitor can seem a little bit daunting, so please read our review to see what we liked and didn’t like.

A book for bedtime – Me… by Emma Dodd

Establishing a good bedtime routine has been an important part of adapting to life with our baby. A key part of that has been a few favourite books that we read each night as part of the bedtime wind-down. “Me…” by Emma Dodd is a lovely simple book with beautiful illustrations and a nice rhythm to the words.

Product review: Gro Egg Room Thermometer

Many of the baby monitors we have used have built-in room thermometers, however the Gro Egg is the one we always check, the one we trust. The Gro Egg is not only a thermometer, it is also a night light, and we have used it as a learning aid to help Baby R recognise colours and numbers. The Gro Egg…

Sleeping tight – GroBag review

Baby R is a serious night time fidget – from his very first night in the hospital he has always kicked and rolled and wiggled, so we transferred to sleeping bags from blankets pretty quickly. Our GroBag review explains why we love GroBags!