Stuff Babies Need

At home

You’ll need these things for day to day life at home with your baby! From clothes to feeding and cleaning – a lot of the essentials are here.

Self-hypnosis for birth – a dads perspective

When we looked at the preparations for the big day, we were most concerned with strategies for staying calm and relaxed throughout labour. Having been through an NCT course, we knew that labour could last over several days and so finding any way of minimising the stress and discomfort was key. A friend recommend “Self-hypnosis”, which to me initially sounded…

Super easy Vitamix hummus recipe for toddlers

Having a Vitamix blender makes preparing tasty and healthy smoothies, purée and soups quick and easy. And you have complete control over what goes in. As we try to broaden the flavours that our little one is used to, we’ve introduced this simple hummus recipe for toddlers – it’s super yummy and only takes a few minutes!

Best 80s Christmas movies

As Christmas is upon us, it’s time to get ready for the festive fun. Once all the presents are unwrapped, mince pies eaten and toys discarded, it’s time to put on a Christmas film. As a new parent, I feel a certain responsibility for setting out traditions and family favourites for my new generation. As my only frame of reference,…

Change dirty nappies from brown to green – reusable baby wipes

Along with our change to reusable nappies, we also switched to reusable baby wipes to help minimise the environmental impact of our baby. The results were brilliant, we have cut down the amount of wipes we use, they seem better for his skin and they clean better. We chose Cheeky Wipes Bamboo Cloth baby wipes and are really happy with the…

Easy to use cloth nappies – Totsbots Easyfit

Once the mayhem of the first few months were over, we started to realise just how many nappies we were getting through in a week. I hadn’t quite prepared myself for the amount of waste and extra washing that such a small little thing could generate! We decided to try and cut down on the waste by switching to reusable…

Have some fun with the Space Gym

Finding toys and games that your little one can actually engage with in the early days is hard. Whilst they will be bombarded with fluffy things and bright squeaky objects, there were only a few toys that really captivated our little ones attention. The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym was an instant hit.