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Slightly random new baby items you didn’t know you needed!

Tonight we’re going to look at a few slightly random new baby items we’ve found almost essential for coping with a new baby! Whilst the everyday items are obvious (and if you need pointers, check out our new baby checklist!) here are a few new baby items you might not have thought about which you will surely find essential!

A Thermos Flask?

Yes – a Thermos Flask is a good idea for the early few weeks of baby. Why? Well, in the first few weeks, you may want to avoid using baby wipes on your new little bundle of joy. Their skin is all shiny and new, and many wipes have perfume and other things on them that may upset it.

A nice and simple solution is to just use warm water and cotton pads.

new baby items

However, depending on how your home is set up, it may take a few minutes to get some warm water in the middle of the night – for us, it can be a while until the warm water has made its way out of the tank, through the pipes and out the tap. So, a Thermos Flask of warm water that’s always ready to go is a great idea and can save valuable time with those night time changes!

A torch?

Similar to the above – night time changes are a pain, and anything that makes them slightly easier is worth its weight in gold. Get a torch that you can keep near by for night time nappy investigation. It saves having to turn on the light, which can startle your already crying and annoyed baby. Ideally, you want one that is a little dim, and a wind up option means you wont be caught without batteries!


Audio books?

Constantly waking is annoying, and can seriously upset your sleep cycles. Even when our babies do sleep for more than a few hours, we generally wake up anyway because we’re now so used to only getting 2 – 3 hours at a time. Ugh. To help unwind and relax back to sleep, get some audiobooks and podcasts on your phone. Get a speaker pillow so that you can listen and fall asleep easily without disturbing anyone else in the room.

There are loads of great podcasts available for free – check out our favorites here and here.

Audible is a great source of thousands of audiobooks. You can get a months free trial to see how it works, it’s well worth the subscription!

And you can find many classic books in audiobook format on the Project Gutenberg website.

Have you found any random new baby items you couldn’t live without? Let us know!


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