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New radio station uses white noise to help babies sleep

A new digital radio station has launched in Portsmouth (UK) which is using white noise to help babies sleep. The project is a collaboration between, NCT, Angel Radio and Solent Wireless. The station will run for the next few weeks and plays a variety of household noises which have been selected to help babies drift off into a relaxing sleep.

The team at Little SleepyHead offer mp3 downloads for their sleepy noises. which include a tumble drier, a Hoover and a fan heater. Each mp3 runs for 30mins but can be looped for longer sleeps.

The concept of using white noise to help babies sleep isn’t new and has received serious academic attention for some time.

The idea to bring this to a radio station, however, is genius! It removes all the hassle of finding a cd or mp3, allowing you to focus on getting your little one to sleep. I became convinced that using white noise to help babies sleep worked following a particularly difficult period of sleepless nights with our first child. One night, however, there was heavy rain which was quite loud on his window. Rather than keeping him awake, it had the opposite effect and he fell off to sleep in a few minutes!

If you’re in the Portsmouth area – give it a listen, it works for adults too!

You can find out more about Little SleepyHead at their website, which also includes samples of their sleepy sounds.

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