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Keeping fit as a new parent – no contract gym memberships

In the early stages of parenthood, a lot of your pre-baby regular activities take a back seat. For us, one of these was exercise, which we found neither the time nor energy to do! Paired with the significant increase in biscuits that we were consuming just to survive, this was not good. Life with a baby over the age of one is a little more structured, and so finding some time to exercise has been a focus.  However, with many gyms requiring expensive monthly contracts, the reality of committing to a set number of visits per month just isn’t realistic or cost effective. gives you an alternative, which we’ve found really suits new parents wanting to keep some level of gym activity, but without the ability to make a monthly contract affordable. Read on to see how it works and follow our link for a free £5 credit when you sign up!

Pay As You Go Gym Membership – no contracts!

In our area, a monthly gym fee can be anywhere between £35 – £50 each month. Realistically, we’d be lucky to average two evenings a week over the course of a month – so that works out as a cost of  £4.37 – £6.25 per trip. But life gets in the way, and there will be weeks where 2 trips just isn’t possible, pushing the cost up.

With pay as you go gym trips, you pay a single one off cost for using the gym – no long term commitments. You also have the option to try out different gyms, or fluctuate between gyms with different equipment – it puts you in control!

How to use for no contract gym membership offers a great selection of gyms that allow pay as you go access. The sign up process is quick and simple, and searching for gyms in your area is easy.

Once you have signed up, you select the gym you are interested in – you can read reviews from other users and view the facilities on offer to help make up your mind.

Costs vary depending on the gym – our favourite offers a £5 day pass. Once you’ve found a gym you like the look of, add the day pass to your basket and checkout.

The first time you checkout, you may have to fill in a few more questions, such as providing an emergency point of contact – but again, all of this is made pretty painless and simple to follow.

Once you’ve purchased a day pass you will be sent a text message and e-mail containing a pass code. You can then attend the selected gym at any time in the next 30 days, all you need is the code! At the gym, you simply give them your code and you are free to use the facilities for that day, just like any other member.

The entire process can also be completed via their app. I used the android version and found it as straightforward and simple as the website. android app for no contract gym membership

The app and website are both really easy to use

Referral offers – gym for free!

PayAsUGym offer a generous referral scheme – once you’ve signed up, you can refer a friend and they receive a free £5 credit to spend gym passes, and you receive £10. We’ve used our link in this post so you can receive the free £5 credit when you sign up. Once you sign up, share your own link with your friends and gym for free!

Benefits of no contract gym membership

Hopefully it’s clear from the above, but in summary, this is why we love

  • Quick and simple, no fuss way of going to a gym
  • No contract gym membership, only pay for what you use
  • No need to go through gym inductions
  • Pay only for what you use, rather than fixed monthly payments
  • Try out different gyms, no need to commit and be restricted to a single gym
  • 30 day expiry on the passes mean that if the baby wakes up or doesn’t settle well, you can just go tomorrow
  • Going to a gym means you can have a shower afterwards without waking up the baby!

PayAsUGym has done a really good job of providing a quick and intuitive service for getting out to the gym which fits really well with the hectic lifestyle of a new parent. Sign up now and get £5 to spend on your first gym pass!

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