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“I do but I don’t” and other annoying things toddlers say

Babies are great, they are cute, they are quiet and their needs are simple to fulfil. Toddlers, on the other hand…

Whilst the ability to have a conversation with your little one is obviously wonderful, there are times when it can be infuriating. Here are a few of the most annoying things we hear on an almost hourly basis!

I do but I don’t

Do you want a wee? Do you want a snack? Sometimes it’s easier just to not ask!


Answering a question with a question – perhaps our little one is destined for a life in politics! Whilst questioning the world around them should be encouraged, saying “why” repeatedly as the answer to any simple request can be a test of any parents sanity!

When I were younger…

Our toddler loves to start an anecdote with this – they’re usually made up, I think it might even be him remembering his dreams (pretty sure we never had a whale over for lunch). But, come on, you’re three years old!

It was an accident

This phrase has quickly become a favourite, given its seeming ability to absolve our toddler from almost any crime!
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