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Gifts for pregnant women

Finding gifts for pregnant women be can be a little challenging, especially for those who have never been pregnant (e.g. men). See our top five gifts for pregnant women to get some ideas for presents that she will enjoy.

Idea 1 – Relax with an eye mask and pamper kit

Getting some good rest and relaxation in is really important, and anything that helps achieve that will surely go down well.

Idea 2 – A room vaporiser

Again, to help make some time to unwind and relax, a room vaporiser is a good choice. You can use a variety of smells to suit any tastes! Make sure to check which smells are safe when pregnant.

Idea 3 – Take some time out and read a book

When we were expecting, we found reading became a nice way to rest up. We got a Kindle so that we could easily take all our books with us. We also found it really nice and convenient as a way to take books and music to the hospital for the birth. The newer Kindles also allow you to install your favourite apps and browse the Internet, so really a good all round entertainment device.

Idea 4 – Cinema ticket

If you don’t have a baby, you might not have considered how even doing the simplest things can become an administrative nightmare. So, if buying a present for an expecting mum, give them the opportunity to do something that they probably won’t have time to focus on in the months ahead. A cinema ticket or meal out are two good choices. Alternatively, get a good film or box set, buy some pretend tickets, a popcorn maker and set up a cinema in your own home. For the full effect, charge £8.99 for some flaccid nachos.

Idea 5 – A hypnobirth CD

We found Hypnobirth a great help as we were in labour. There are a few CDs available, which guide you through the relaxation process.

Other gifts for pregnant women

Here are a few other ideas that might help inspire a thoughtful gifts for pregnant women.

  • A manicure or pedicure
  • A haircut
  • Gym ball – good for rolling about on when pregnant or in labour.


Hope that helps – if anyone else has any nice ideas, please share in the comments!

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