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Stuck at home? Earn bitcoins by finding quick and easy work online to fit around your babies

Going from being a full time worker to a full time mum or dad is one of the biggest life changes you’re likely to experience. For most people, going from the relatively structured and regular world of the 9-5 to the chaos of a newborn takes a while to get over. But after a while, you do get some time back, and finding a productive way to use some of your free time can be really positive for your mind. You might find yourself wanting to do something non-baby related and earn a bit of money! I’ll show you a few different places where you can find small jobs online that you can do from the comfort of your home, and how to start earning bitcoins.

Now, one thing about these sites is that they pay in cryptocurrencies – mostly in Bitcoin or Ether. Cryptocurrencie have become massively popular over the past few years, and are pretty mainstream. For this kind of project, they make the process of earning money quick and simple. You’ll need an account with a wallet (where you store your currency). I’d recommend – the interface is simple, they have a great mobile app, and you can transfer your cryptocurrency back to your own “normal” currency when you want. In all seriousness, I predict that in 5 – 10 years, it will be possible to pay for babysitters with some kind of cryptocurrency.

earn bitcoins online

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, then grab yourself a book such as Bitcoins for Dummies

You need to think about what skills you have which others might find valuable. Even if you think you have nothing to offer, you’d be surprised, and you’re probably doing yourself a disservice. Many people simply need good writers, proof readers, translators or creative designers. If you can write code or are great at finding bugs and issues in apps, then you’re services will be in demand! Once you put yourself out there, you’ll find someone who will value what you have to offer, if you look in the right place.

And finding that right place isn’t easy. So I’ve listed a few websites and forums where you can find people looking for help in exchange for cryptocurrencies. To cut to the chase, is probably the best I’ve found so far – read on for why.

How to start working for bitcoin

Most of the sites I’ve looked at follow the same pattern:

  1. Browse jobs that people need doing – they’ll say how much they’re prepared to pay
  2. Put in an offer and explain your skills
  3. The poster will accept the bid they like
  4. You do the job – you gotta earn those bitcoins!
  5. They transfer you some Bitcoin / Ether

Best sites to find simple jobs online and earn bitcoins

Here’s my top list of sites to find simple jobs to do online. I’ve listed the best ones first! – finding jobs for bitcoins is a new site, but one that’s got a lot to offer. As a bit of a cryptocurrency dummy, it makes the whole process really simple.

The design of the site is great, it’s very clear and intuitive. One of the most useful things it does it to simply categorise the jobs, so it’s easy to find the kind of job your’re looking for. This makes navigating around the site a breeze. If you’re not a coder, then check out the writing or marketing boards to find an interesting range of jobs you might be able to do. There’s also a search option if you have something particular in mind.

earning bitcoins

Its easy to find job based on your skills and start earning bitcoins

The built in chat feature works really well, so you can talk to your potential employer before taking on any work, and the general support from the site seems to be really responsive and helpful.

It works well on a phone, which is handy when you’re sitting up holding a baby! And that also means you can find jobs for bitcoins when you’re on the move.

jobs for bitcoins

You can see a list of jobs for bitcoins

And it’s fees are really competitive compared to older sites like – but you really only need to worry about that if you start posting your own jobs. The site facilitates peer to peer employment, it doesn’t directly hold the funds for your job, but makes it simple for your employer to pay you.

All jobs are paid in bitcoin, and WorkingForBitcoin makes this simple – when you submit a bid, you give your wallet address. The site keeps this secure and private, and when the job is complete will transfer the funds. It’s best practice to use a different wallet address for each bid – but makes this way simpler than it sounds. At this point, bitcoin is the most established cryptocurrency, and so makes complete sense for the payment platform.

Ethlance is a similar site to but it pays in Ether. For most purposes, there’s not too much difference between Bitcoin and Ether, both are supported on It’s a nice site, but most of the posts are for bigger, full time, roles. is another site to find simple jobs online is a good site, but lacks the polish of the other two. It has hundreds of categories, which makes finding relevant jobs a bit harder – it’s much easier to find jobs with nice simple categories like on and Ethlance.


There are a few places on Reddit on which people post jobs. Whilst Reddit is a great platform, it lacks some of the security, support and structure of the dedicated sites above.

So if you’re looking for something to do to earn some nap-time money, check out the sites above and put yourself out there as a budding mumpreneur / dadpreneur!

And if you’re a blogger, why not use the sites above to hire freelancers to create professional content, videos and graphics for your blog.

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