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ToddlerCalm bedtime music for babies

You might notice a number of our reviews are sleep related. Getting our little one to sleep has always been a bit of a struggle, but it’s one that we’ve worked through together, by setting a calm routine. A new essential for our routine is the The ToddlerCalm Toddler Relaxation Sleep CD – an hour of soothing, relaxing bedtime music for babies.

As he has got older and more active, the time it takes to settle him has increased. Bad days can be well over an hour from going up to be to being asleep.

Whilst we love our tranquil turtle, we needed something to play in the build up to sleep. The ToddlerCalm CD was recommended to us by a friend, and we’re glad we have it a go. The CD features approximately one hour of soft, soothing background music for the bedtime routine. No words, but lots of calming instrumental chords and repetitive melodies create a relaxing atmosphere.

We start playing the The ToddlerCalm Toddler Relaxation Sleep CD at the beginning, and it plays all through our bedtime routine. We still use the turtle, often putting it on at the end.

We found playing the ToddlerCalm CD through a Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker means we can easily control the volume from our phones, doing and starting the CD without even needing to be in the bedroom.

Bedtime music for babies – white noise

Another revelation happened one rainy night. It seemed as though the sound of the rain hitting the bedroom window really helped the drift off to sleep. And it turns out to be an observation others have made – although check out this study for safe and sensible limits.

There are a number of options for playing white noise to your baby. As covered before, the Tranquil Turtle plays soothing sounds – and it has an automatic cut off after 23 mins, perfect for drifting off to sleep.

MP3 White Noise for Baby Sleep

There are also a number of MP3 albums containing white noise tracks optimised for baby sleep.

Getting a white noise album on your phone and then using a Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker in the bedroom is quick and easy, and having it on your phone means it can travel with you, for calm sleeps out and about or in the garden.

If you have any tips or tricks for a calm night sleep, let us know!

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