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Sleeping tight – GroBag review

Baby R is a serious night time fidget – from his very first night in the hospital he has always kicked and rolled and wiggled, so we transferred to sleeping bags from blankets pretty quickly. Our GroBag review explains why we love GroBags!

We have tried several brands but prefer the GroBags, despite being a little more expensive, as the quality and softness of the fabric means that after several washes they are still like new, and remaining soft is something we value due to Baby R’s sensitive skin.  We have also found the GroBags are longer than other brands we tried and more true to size, making them more cost effective in the long term.  Length and room is particularly important for us as Baby R is on the 99.6th percentile for length, so this extra space is essential for his comfort.  We are now using age 6-18months GroBags but we have previously used age 0-6 months, and larger sizes are also available.  We have both 1 tog and 2.5 tog versions of each size, and there are also 3.5 tog and 0.5 tog GroBags available but we have not found these necessary in our house which we are able to keep at a relatively regular temperature throughout the year (although we have a 3.5 tog on our ‘to buy’ list for next years camping adventures!). There are lots of lovely designs and patterns – we particularly like the robots.

Our only minor complaint about the GroBags is the opening – some (particularly the 0-6 months) open with a zip along the side and are secured with poppers on each shoulder, whereas two of the larger sized ones we have purchased recently have a zip along the middle and each arm needs to be put through an arm hole, much like putting on a gilet.  We put Baby R in to his GroBag by lying him down on top of the bag and closing it around him, and putting his arms through the arm holes can be an extra stress at bedtime.  That said, this is a small annoyance rather than a real complaint, and would not deter us from buying this brand in future.

The GroBags we have purchased have come with a useful room thermometer and clothing guideline – such a useful extra that Dad and I refer to time and time again to help us decide what he should wear at night.

Their size and weight means they are easily stored and packed away when travelling.  Some GroBags can be used with 5 point harnesses so can be worn in compatible pushchairs or car seats, making snoozes on the go more snuggly and comfortable.

For each size of GroBag, it is useful to have at least two of every tog you require so that you have a spare in case of any accidents in the night. You can buy the GroBags in packs of two which saves money and makes life easier.

GroBags have become an essential part of our bedtime routine and we would not be without them. For safety, peace of mind and a good nights sleep, we have not found anything better.




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GroBag in packaging

The GroBag comes neatly wrapped up. It’s best to wash it before first use.

Thermometer card

The inclusion of the thermometer reference card is really helpful.

GroBag open

Leaving the GroBag open in the cot makes slipping a wriggly baby in relatively easy.

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