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The secret to a tranquil nights sleep – Tranquil Turtle Review

Like many new parents, sleep (or lack of) quickly became an issue as we adapted to life with a little person. We tried all the things that blogs, health workers and friends suggested – have a routine, don’t have a routine, make sure he’s really tiered, make sure he’s not over tiered…Eventually, we found a way of surviving, and the Tranquil Turtle was part of our formula for a successful nights sleep.

Tranquil Turtle Review

The Tranquil Turtle by Cloud B is a hard shelled, blue turtle – his head is soft and cuddly. Whilst all turtles can be seen as tranquil and calm creatures (with the exclusion of snapping turtles, they seem mean) – the Tranquil Turtle has a super power – he emits a relaxing blue glow from his shell, which transforms whichever room he is into an aquatic paradise. He’s no larger than a normal cuddly toy, so easy to pack for trips away from home so you can keep some elements of the bedtime routine constant.
Tranquil Turtle Review

We chose the Ocean Blue turtle (above) but other colours are also available. The light softly ripples, as if you are at the bottom of a swimming pool and the turtle also has a relaxing and soothing sound track. There is a brightness dial so you can control the intensity of the glow. It’s hard to appreciate the full effect of this on video, but this goes some way to showing you what the turtle is like:

We found the Tranquil Turtle to be a great way of signalling to our little one that it is time to relax and wind down ready for bed. It really is mesmerising – and if I’m honest, there have been times when we’ve used it without our baby just to relax!

We’ve also used it in the bathroom at bath time which was also super relaxing and nice. It makes bath time even more special and enjoyable. You can choose to have just the sounds, just the light or both which make it versatile in a number of situations.

The Tranquil Turtle is battery powered, but because it automatically shuts off after 23 minutes (chosen as the perfect amount of time to drift into a deep sleep), it lasts a good while between charges. Still, I’d recommend getting some rechargable batteries to save money.


  • Projects a magical underwater effect on to the ceiling and plays soothing music to help calm your little one
  • Shell glows in a relaxing aquamarine colour – adjust the brightness using a slide control
  • Plays 2 soothing sounds with volume control – tranquil melody and ocean waves
  • Automatic shut off after 23 minutes
  • Suitable for all ages. Includes 3 AA batteries

We love the Tranquil Turtle, and we are not the only ones! Check out the 5 star reviews on Amazon. The turtle makes a great gift to expecting or new parents and older children would also love it.

We hope our tranquil turtle review has been informative, if you have any questions then please post in the comments.

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