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Product review: Gro Egg Room Thermometer

Many of the baby monitors we have used have built-in room thermometers, however the Gro Egg is the one we always check, the one we trust. The Gro Egg is not only a thermometer, it is also a night light, and we have used it as a learning aid to help Baby R recognise colours and numbers. The Gro Egg glows blue, yellow, orange or red to indicate the ambient room temperature, and the display features a smiley or sad face as well as the temperature (in degrees Celsius) so at a glance you can see whether the environment is suitable for baby. We cross-reference the temperature with the free clothing guide (printed on the back of the paper room thermometers included in the GroBag packaging and available free online here) and this helps us make an informed choice about what clothing to put Baby R in at night.

I must admit that we are addicted to our Gro Egg! We take it everywhere we go when we are staying away from home and I move it around the house depending on where Baby R is sleeping. It is small enough to fit into an overnight bag and gives me a lot of comfort when we are away from home, particularly in unfamiliar environments such as in a hotel. It is one of the things I always recommend to any friends expecting children and I have given Gro Eggs as gifts. They simply do a magical thing that every parent needs – they make life easier, they help you make confident, informed decisions, and the information the egg provides can help your baby sleep more soundly and for longer. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

We also purchased the owl shell to cover our Gro Egg – not an essential purchase as the Gro Egg is functional and attractive without it, however I am a sucker for all things cute, and the owl went well with our woodland themed nursery! There are other shells available to suit your theme, all are equally adorable.


Orla the owl

You can purchase cute additions for your thermometer.

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