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Motorola MBP28 review – video baby monitor

A baby monitor is really helpful in the early days, and we still rely on it after almost 18 months. In this review, we’ll look at the Motorola MBP28 2.4″ Digital Video Baby Monitor. Choosing a baby monitor can seem a little bit daunting, so please read our review to see what we liked and didn’t like.

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Important features in a baby monitor

Here is our quick list of the features you should look for in a baby monitor:

  • Movement sensor – great peace of mind in the early months that your baby is OK
  • Video – when the little one moves into their own room, a video camera is really helpful
  • Thermometer – if you don’t have a seperate room thermometer, many monitors will come with one built in
  • Multiple cameras / monitors – if you have a larger house, multiple babies or put your baby to sleep in different rooms, having multiple monitors and/or cameras can really help

We first bought an Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor as it had the movement sensor. We found that the requirements for the monitor changed as our baby grew up. In the early months, having a movement sensor was ideal and really gave us peace of mind. However, from about 5 – 6 months when crawling started, it was useless and would often go off by mistake.

Conversely, we had no need for a video monitor in the early days, as we were typically in the same room as the little one when they were asleep, and once asleep, they didn’t get up to much. However, it has been invaluable for quite some time now.

Motorola MBP28 Review

The MBP28 was easy enough to set up, and the camera and parent unit link up in about 10 seconds. The picture quality is ok, and works well enough in day or night to be able to see what is going on. However, don’t expect to be taking crystal clear HD stills from it! But, it does the job.

The MBP28 includes a thermometer, which is useful when travelling as it’s one less thing to take. It does not include a movement sensor.

Using the baby monitor

The interface on the parent unit can be a little frustrating, and is reminiscent of a late 90s camera phone (not in a nice way though)! As soon as our little one was walking, he became fixated on it, and any lapse in our efforts to keep it away from him result in the monitor searching for a Baby Unit 2 (a second camera we don’t have) with all menus in Spanish. When it is searching for a camera, it can become slow and unresponsive, so fixing this can be a pain. Although, I now know more Spanish than before buying the MBP28, so I guess this has enriched my life somewhat.

Image of the Motorola MBP28 monitor

Motorola MBP28 Review – the monitor

Battery life is just about acceptable, probably up to 2hrs. If it’s a longer nap in the day, it will run out, but generally this isn’t an issue.

Safety warning! Please be incredibly careful about the placement of any baby monitor within or near their cot. Ensure all wires are out of reach and with as little slack as possible. Please consult the info that comes with your monitor for specific details.

There is a two way talk function. We haven’t used this extensively yet, but I can see it being useful when the little one is a bit older. It is sometimes useful for the other parent to be able to say things via the monitor when the other parent is in the baby room.

In summary, it’s pretty good

Overall, the MBP28 is a good video monitor for its price. Paying more would probably result in better picture quality and a less clunky interface, but neither of these really let the MBP28 down too much. As always, our Motorola MBP28 review is based on our experience from having used the monitor, in this case for over a year. If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment!

Motorola MBP28 twin

The MBP28 is available with a single or twin camera based on your needs and budget – we have the twin version. Once you have both cameras set up, you can choose which to look at or loop through both.

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