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Glo-clock review – bringing a sunny smile to the mornings!

The other day we finally got round to going through the mountain of paperwork that seems to just appear out of nowhere. Now having two little monsters to keep us busy, sorting through pointless statements, notifications of bills we pay automatically and those special credit card offers that I’m apparently so lucky to have been selected for is simply a job that we constantly put off. In amongst the debris, a story started to emerge – a paper work tail told through the amazon receipts for all those emergency purchases we made over the past 18 months – a vast number of which related to ever more desperate measures to get some sleep! A sleepy turtle. Calming bedtime music. Baby monitor after baby monitor! Seemingly, we struggled to get a good nights rest! Now having achieved sleep bliss, and with the good fortune of stumbling across a little baby that, unlike her brother, seems to enjoy some peace and quiet, we reached a new challenge – how to keep a toddler in bed until morning. In our Glo-Clock review, we have an answer!

Gro-clock reivew - the Gro-Clock and free book

Gro-clock reivew – the Gro-Clock and free book

The gro-clock is one part of this particular puzzle. I can’t promise it is the only answer, but having used it for the past few weeks, it certainly has helped both in going to sleep, and waking up at the right(ish) time. It’s another great product from the Gro Company who make the Gro-Egg room thermometer and Gro-Bags sleeping bags, both of which we also recommend.

Glo-clock review

So what is the glo-clock? It is essentially a simplified clock, aimed at teaching toddlers the simple concept of bedtime and awake time. The clock starts out with a lovely sunny smile.

Gro-clock review

When Mr Sun is here, you can get out of bed!

When you are ready for bedtime to begin, you put the gro-clock into nighttime mode. Mr Sun winks goodnight, and he fades into a soft blue nighttime star. The star is surrounded by 12 smaller stars, which over the course of the night fade away, until morning when Mr Sun pops back up and the clock glows soft orange.

Groclock review

Mr Star? Stay in bed!

It gives a nice clear, easy to understand routine to bed time. When Mr Star is up, you stay in bed. When Mr Sun is here, we get up. The Gro-clock even comes with a little book with a farmyard tale of a pig who doesn’t sleep enough. Whilst it’s not going to challenge The Gruffalo for best book ever, its a nice touch and helped explain why sleep is good.

Does the Gro-Clock work?

On balance, yes. Like most things, our little one took a while to get used to it. He liked to press the buttons. However, saying goodnight to Mr Sun has become part of the bedtime ritual, and its a nice clear signal that it’s time for sleep.

One morning, I was surprised to be woken before the specified time, hearing that Mr Sunny had somehow come early. There was no malfunction, just a toddler that had learned how to press the buttons to make the sun appear on demand. Right, I thought – time to use the child lock feature. That got me a few extra days, until he worked that out too. Even so, after a while he got bored of that and has now accepted the general flow of the night. I’m a firm believer that there are no cure-all magic fixes for sleep, or anything to do with children. All you can do is look for things that make life slightly better, slightly calmer and slightly saner. The Gro-clock fits that bill, is great.


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