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Have some fun with the Space Gym

Finding toys and games that your little one can actually engage with in the early days is hard. Whilst they will be bombarded with fluffy things and bright squeaky objects, there were only a few toys that really captivated our little ones attention. The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym was an instant hit.

The space gym consists of a circular floor mat with two soft arcs from which an array of happy space friends dangle. The space gym is battery powered, and plays a couple of soft melodies whilst slowly wobbling the toys on the arc. The effect seems to be mesmerising to those under one! I can also admit to having laid down under it too – and it was relaxing for us older people too!

The toys it comes with are good, and to be honest have outlived the main use of the space gym as buggy companions and car seat decorations. “Mr Rocket” is still an ever present friend on many of our journeys. We found the gym was good until about crawling age.

Mr Rocket

A true friend, one of the toys that come with the space gym

If you are on a budget, the space gym can seem costly. However, it really was invaluable as a cosy place to put the baby whilst you get on with a few things. We found it easier to settle the little one in the space gym than the Moses basket some times.

Also, its function as a gym cannot be overstated. The toys gently whirring above the babies head provide excellent stimulation and give the little one something to reach out and grab.

Finally, this may be a coincidence – but several of our little ones first words are astronomical – “Moon”, “Star” – again, possibly a coincidence, but perhaps the first steps towards a celestial career.

This one definitely deserves its place on the essentials list.

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