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Free resource – week plan for a toddler

Download our free week plan for a toddler! Adapting to a new schedule can be hard work for a little person, and any change can be tough. We find that by having a nice clear week plan we can talk about the routine of the week.

Use our free week plan to help your toddler understand what happens in the week. For example, when are they at nursery, when do they go to pre-school or other activities and play groups.

How to use our free week plan for a toddler

  • Download the PDF and print it (A4 page size, its black and white – your ink cartridge can thank us later)
  • Put their name on the top
  • Colour in sections of the week with key events – e.g. use blue for time at nursery / pre-school, yellow for home. Use a different colour for each activity.
  • Use stickers to decorate the week plan too! Involve your toddler with this so they start to understand what is going on
  • Place the week plan somewhere your toddler can see it – maybe in their room or in the kitchen
  • Each day, use the week plan to explain what is happening. Perhaps at the end of the day, use it to explain what’s happening tomorrow
  • After a while, ask them to tell you whats happening today!


Week plan for a toddler

Fill it out and colour it in!

Having a week plan is also a great way to teach your toddler about the days of the week!

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