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Create a visual day planner to help toddlers understand your schedule

After a few weeks of “Am I going to pre-school today”, “Is it the weekend?” and “Is daddy home today?” we decided to create this super fun visual day planner to help him see what kind of a day its going to be.

Our week planner gives a good overview of the week, but our visual day planner makes it much more fun.

visual day planner

The complete felt day planner

We’ve set the scene with a few landmarks in his life:

  • Home
  • Pre-school
  • Daddy’s office
  • Big school

And we’ve created our little family in felt!

Now each morning we can move everyone to where they’re going to be, and he can see what’s going on. Letting him move the people on the board helps him feel more settled with where everyone will be, and at the end of the day we all end up back at home.

Ingredients for a visual day planner

Be creative! Ours was simple, all we needed was:

Putting it together

Again, be creative! We stuck the background to the canvas using lots of glue. Adding hills, mountains and the sun help to break up the picture and make it a bit more fun. We also added a sun, rainbow and rainy clouds, so we can also set the weather for the day too.

Felt planner under construction

Felt planner under construction

Using felt makes this craft super easy, you can try different layouts and features before you glue. And anything you’re not sure of, you can leave and have as a non-permanent feature. The felt doesn’t fray at all when cut, so you can create any shape you like.

felt visual day planner for toddlers

It’s all coming together!


Give it a go, it’s hard to go wrong! If you do make one, let us know via the comments and send us a picture.





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