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Best 80s Christmas movies

As Christmas is upon us, it’s time to get ready for the festive fun. Once all the presents are unwrapped, mince pies eaten and toys discarded, it’s time to put on a Christmas film. As a new parent, I feel a certain responsibility for setting out traditions and family favourites for my new generation. As my only frame of reference, I’m reminded of my childhood. And so, below are what I feel are the best 80s christmas movies which I look forward to passing on down to my little one!

The best 80s christmas movies according to

Labyrinth – 1986
best 80s christmas movies

Like all the best Christmasy things, this features David Bowie as a baby stealing weirdo. Brilliant puppets by Jim Henson and the Bowie songs make this a firm favourite and one that I hope my little one grows up to enjoy.

I know this is a film from the 80’s and modern CGI fantasy films are supposedly so much. I’ve not seen Frozen, but I’m sure that Labyrinth is 10,000 times better, if not more.

I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.

Bonus Bowie Christmas Cheer

The Snowman – 1982

best 80s christmas movies

Ok, so I was born in the 80’s, we’ve established that. So the obvious next film is The Snowman. It’s a lovely animation which is still so evocative and captivating as ever. It also scores Bowie points for his heartfelt introduction.

The Snowdog follow up was also lovely, but I’d buy this just for the original.

Home Alone – 1990

best 80s christmas movies

Home Alone is another obvious choice for the best 80s christmas movies. A chilling and yet humorous case of parental neglect in early 90’s America. Whilst it was technically released in 1990, that means it must have been filmed in the 80’s, so I’m including it!

Apparently there have since been several follow up films. Don’t stray past Home Alone 2 (which is good, it’s got Tim Curry in), I accidentally saw a few minutes of Home Alone 3 on TV and that is a few minutes of my life I will not be getting back…

Keep the change, you filthy animal

My Neighbour Totoro – 1988

best 80s christmas movies

Another animation, but worthy of its inclusion in the list of best 80s christmas movies. My Neighbour Totoro is a lovely story about two girls finding the woodland spirit creature Totoro when they move to a rural part of Japan to be near their Mother in hospital. There are lots of cute forest spirits that come out and help the girls, and also a cat-bus. Lots of fun characters for little ones to get excited about.

To-to-ro? You’re Totoro!… I bet you’re Totoro…

Flash Gordon – 1980

best 80s christmas movies

Whilst not so Christmassy, this film is very 80s and so it gets the final place in our list. Perhaps one for when the little ones are a bit bigger, but I can’t wait to sit him down and show him this dazzlingly tacky space adventure where Flash, saviour of the universe, tries to stop Ming the Merciless ruler of Mongo from destroying earth. All set to a soundtrack of Queen, it is magnificent.

Dispatch war rocket Ajax!


That’s it! If you have any suggestions, feel free to post in the comments – I look forward to reading and watching them all.

Runners up

Here are a few other childhood favourites that didn’t quite make it:


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