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Have bath time fun with the Shnuggle baby bath review

The Shnuggle baby bath is a brilliantly designed addition to baby’s bath time fun! With our first baby, we had one of those everyday standard baby baths – it was fine, it performed its main function, but it was nothing special. Read our Shnuggle baby bath review to find out what we use now.


Shnuggle baby bath review

With our second, we stumbled across the Shnuggle baby bath! Unlike the boring bath from before, the Shnuggle is a little more upright. In the base is a little hump, which is perfect for helping the baby sit upright whilst in the bath. This alone has transformed our bath times, from a relatively boring dunk-and-dry to wonderful splashy time fun!

Shnuggle baby bath review

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The back of the Shnuggle baby bath has a non-slip, soft padded area, which also helps to stop the little one from slipping down. Our daughter simply loves sitting in this upright position in the bath – her arms are completely free to flap about, splashing and touching anything she wants! Because she’s so well supported, we are less fixated on holding her tightly in a rigid position – you must keep hold of them though!

shnuggle baby bath review

Also, due to it’s upright design, it takes up less room. We often bath both children together, one 7 months in the Shnuggle, the other 3 and a half in the bath. It easily fits in the bath with enough room for the bigger one to also have a splash. This means that they are getting used to being in the bath together from an early age, but the little one is kept very secure and protected in the bubble of her Shnuggle! This bathing approach also works well to mitigate against any “Brown Alerts” which might pop out of her little bum whilst in the bath, keeping the big one free from contamination. It also allows for the bigger child to have bubble bath, toys and so on, without exposing the baby to them.

Safety first!

The Shnuggle has a fill line, which makes it super easy to be sensible and not over fill the bath. With its wide base, its really stable, and even though the little ones centre of gravity is a little higher than a more reclined bath, it is really stable and we’ve had no issues with wobbles. One thing we have noticed, is that due to the upright position, our daughter keeps playing with her feet, which can lead her to dive forwards to put them in her mouth. Maybe other babies are less crazy, but it goes without saying that you need to stay focused on the baby whilst their in the Shnuggle – as you would with any bath

Shnuggle baby bath review summary

Overall, we love the Shnuggle baby bath! It has been brilliant to see our little one love her bath times so much more since we bought it, and I’m sure she will go on enjoying it for many more months until she’s ready for the big bath.

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